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Muellers in America:
The first 155 years


The Mueller Farm, on Kammerer Road east of Kendallville, Indiana, photographed in rain June 4, 2007, by Mark Nickel

The Frau Erica Texts
An index of biographies, memoirs, histories, recipes, and oddments

The Frau Erica Project has lots of text files — long and short, English and German — all of them linked from the appropriate family pages. That means, however, that some readers might not discover things of interest that are available elsewhere on the site.

This index gathers most of those text files, sorts them by genre, and provides links (usually a name). There are 78 of these text files in the archives. To narrow your search, select:

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Christmas Letters    The annual report from Gideon Lawton Lane
Annual Christmas letters get a mixed reception, but they do have some historical value. Links to the archive since 1995

Mueller/Knief, Dora Elizabeth (Dodo)    ‘Der Little Guy’ gets married
An account of Paul Mueller’s marriage to Henrietta Strelow. Not all the Muellers made it to Milwaukee for their kid brother’s wedding.

Schumm, Edna    The Passing of Edna Schumm
An account of Edna Schumm’s last days, written by her mother, who sent it to her seven surviving siblings.