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Muellers in America:
The first 155 years


The Mueller Farm, on Kammerer Road east of Kendallville, Indiana, photographed in rain June 4, 2007, by Mark Nickel

The Frau Erica Texts
An index of biographies, memoirs, histories, recipes, and oddments

The Frau Erica Project has lots of text files — long and short, English and German — all of them linked from the appropriate family pages. That means, however, that some readers might not discover things of interest that are available elsewhere on the site.

This index gathers most of those text files, sorts them by genre, and provides links (usually a name). There are 78 of these text files in the archives. To narrow your search, select:

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Histories and Anecdotes

Bigelow Spoons    Heirlooms twice engraved
Nana — Molly McMillan — wrote this small history of a dozen golden spoons that became Bigelow family heirlooms in 1909.

Emigration rationale    Emigration rationale: Why did Fritz do it?
One overriding, unresolved question for the Frau Erica Project is the important one: Why did Fritz do it? There is no clear statement of purpose in the archive, but there are some important themes and clues.

Hedder, Helen    Helen Hedder: Oma bails them out
Around the turn of the century, Helen Hedder Mueller lent substantial funds to her husband’s parents. She waited almost 30 years for repayment.

Hedder, Hermann    Hermann Hedder, purveyor of wood and coal
Hermann owned a wood and coal service in Chicago with office and yard at 403 West Chicago Avenue.

Heirlooms    Heirlooms: Moneybelt and Tobacco Box
Johanne, short and stout, wore the money belt full of gold coins when she and Fritz emigrated. The wooden tobacco box, a cube about six inches on a side, was owned and used by Fritz’s father Georg in the late 18th century.

Heirlooms    Heirlooms: Allison McKibbin’s engagement ring
The diamond solitaire has been in the family for four generations — as an engagement ring, then as a solitaire necklace, and again as an engagement ring — first in Minnesota, then throughout Europe, then in Switzerland, in Minnesota again, in Rhode Island, and now resides in Madrid.

McMillan Manufacturing    McMillan Manufacturing Company
In September 2002, Molly Bigelow McMillan wrote a short history of McMillan Manufacturing, corporate predecessor of McMillan Electric Company.

Mueller Erbschaft    Klaus Mahler’s Erbschaft
Long after Wilhelm and Adelheid were dead, the Muellers received an inheritance from the estate of Adelheid’s uncle Klaus Mahler.

Mueller, Erich E.A.    A minister sues his congregation
Erich E.A. Mueller, a failed entrepreneur and self-styled “Christian socialist,” testified against Rev. C.L. Janzow, who was suing his congregation for defamation.

Mueller, Rev. Ernst    Opa makes a bad investment
In 1940, Opa Mueller was convinced to buy 10 shares in a North Carolina mica mine. He never saw his money again.