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The Mueller Farm, on Kammerer Road east of Kendallville, Indiana, photographed in rain June 4, 2007, by Mark Nickel

The Frau Erica Texts
An index of biographies, memoirs, histories, recipes, and oddments

The Frau Erica Project has lots of text files — long and short, English and German — all of them linked from the appropriate family pages. That means, however, that some readers might not discover things of interest that are available elsewhere on the site.

This index gathers most of those text files, sorts them by genre, and provides links (usually a name). There are 71 of these text files in the archives. To narrow your search, select:

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Journals and Memoirs

Bigelow McMillan, Molly    Opened Doors – Walking Through: My Life and Its Times
Fifteen short chapters on topics ranging from her parents, to childhood, to marriage and children, to ordination and to the years alone after Dick’s death.

Bosenbüttel    A Visit to Bosenbüttel
In July 2015, the 150th anniversary year of Fritz’s sale of Bosenbüttel and departure for America, Mark Nickel and Allison McMillan drove through Bremerhaven, Dorum, Midlum, and Hamburg and stopped for a serendipitous encounter with the current owners of Bosenbüttel.

Chan, Kam Kwai    A Fighting Determination to Survive
Kam Kwai Chan, Joyce Leung’s mother, wrote the short article, above, for a newspaper in Chicago’s Chinatown, where the family first settled. An English translation of her original, prepared for the family by Chin Gin Kwei, follows here.

Crawley, Daniel    A grandson interviews Nana
As a high school freshman, Dan Crawley was assigned to interview a family member and prepare an essay. He decided on Nana almost immediately.

Knief, Ludwig    The Autobiography of Pastor Ludwig Ernst Knief
An eight-chapter Lebenslauf, of immigration, Muellers, and Missouri Synod — in German with English translation.

Mueller, Ernie and Charlotte    Healthy and very happy in Eagle Lake
A long reminiscence of life in Freedom Township, Minnesota

Mueller, Friedrich (Fritz)    Fritz Mueller’s Journal of the Voyage to America
An extensive six-chapter emigration memoir, written mostly about ship and completed after a train trip to a new home in Indiana.

Mueller, Gerhard    “Immer eine Freude in Height of Land zu predigen”
Gerhard Mueller’s last Christmas letter to the California aunts, written December 20, 1969, and transcribed by his sister Frieda.

Mueller/Feiertag, Frieda    Tante Fieks: Bright and Dark Days
A biographical essay by Frieda Katharine Magdalena Caroline Mueller Feiertag (a.k.a., Tante Fieks), Opa Mueller’s sister.

Nickel, Joel    Reflections on 40 Years of Ministry
In August 2005, Joel wrote the following reminiscence of his years in ministry, anticipating his retirement on January 15, 2006.

Nickel, Joel    The Chicago Memoirs: Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 1967-1972
A six-part memoir of a turbulent time in the world, the nation, and the city of Chicago.

Waldschmidt, Henry    Henry (Poppy) Waldschmidt writes his history
Like the Muellers, the Waldschmidts emigrated to the American Midwest shortly after the Civil War, motivated partly by the threat of military conscription. Henry’s essay contains family history and a bit about his own childhood, up to his first meeting with Anna Wolter.

Wolter/Waldschmidt, Anna    Anna Wolter writes her history
Anna Wolter – “Dear” to Henry’s “Poppy” — wrote this-two part family history. In 1900, when she first noticed Henry, she understood his name to be “Jake.”