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The Mueller Farm, on Kammerer Road east of Kendallville, Indiana, photographed in rain June 4, 2007, by Mark Nickel

The Frau Erica Texts
An index of biographies, memoirs, histories, recipes, and oddments

The Frau Erica Project has lots of text files — long and short, English and German — all of them linked from the appropriate family pages. That means, however, that some readers might not discover things of interest that are available elsewhere on the site.

This index gathers most of those text files, sorts them by genre, and provides links (usually a name). There are 78 of these text files in the archives. To narrow your search, select:

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Oddments, Interesting Bits

Five Rocks    Five Rocks: History and Rules of the Game
Some beachcombers make little piles of stones, call them cairns, and walk on. For the LeRoi-Nickel household in Portland, Oregon, that spur-of-the-moment creative task has evolved into a planful, aspirational, competitive art form evocative of work by the sculptor Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988). The annual roster of invited participants grows; the rules continue to evolve.

Luther On Politics    Brother Martin on government officials
Elected officials who are interested only in themselves “grow furious and foolish, begin to rage, and turn everything topsy-turvy ... and the government collapses.”

Mueller Lexicon A Mueller Lexicon
Certain German words and phrases had currency and particular meaning within the Mueller family circle. Many are no longer to be found in German/English dictionaries or online translators. So here they are, more than two dozen of them.

Mueller, Rev. Ernst    Opa’s report card: almost satisfactory
His German and Math were Unbefriedigend (unsatisfactory). No A's (Lobenswert)‚ no F’s (Schlecht)

Nickel, Adele    Adele dances at Jacob’s Pillow
The Liz Gerring Dance Company, in residence at Jacob’s Pillow in August 2012, won critical acclaim from the Boston Globe.

Nickel, James    James Hilbert Nickel: Artist in Venture
A three-part fraternal Festschrift written by brother Joel in celebration of the artist’s 55th birthday, November 30, 1998.