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The Mueller Farm, on Kammerer Road east of Kendallville, Indiana, photographed in rain June 4, 2007, by Mark Nickel

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The Frau Erica Project has lots of text files — long and short, English and German — all of them linked from the appropriate family pages. That means, however, that some readers might not discover things of interest that are available elsewhere on the site.

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Biographies and Obituaries

Bigelow McMillan, Molly    Obituary: Rev. Mary Allison Bigelow (Molly) McMillan, 97
Molly’s obituary ran in the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune on Sunday, February 19, 2017.

Crawley, Willard    Obituary: Willard Batchelor Crawley
A brief biography was included in the bulletin of the funeral service at Bethesda Lutheran Church, New Haven, Conn., on 30 November 1983.

Gelhausen, Albert    Obituary: A love of all things Michigan and a taste for painful puns
Albert “Al” Gelhausen, 79, of Evanston, Illinois, formerly of Lapeer, Michigan, died Tuesday, April 30, 2013.

Gilvarg, Charles    Obituary: Charles Gilvarg (1925–2013)
Charles and Frieda Mueller met at the University of Chicago in 1949, where they met fellow graduate student H.C. Nickel, husband of cousin Addie.

Grams, Adolf    Adolf and Anna Grams
Notes on Adolf Grams’ immigration and life on the north side of Chicago.

Knief, Gretchen    Gretchen Knief, principled librarian
Librarian Gretchen stood up to the Kern County (Calif.) board that sought to ban The Grapes of Wrath. She won, eventually.

Luecke, Louise    Louise Luecke: Grandma Hedder
Louise Luecke, born and raised on a farm near Sheboygan, Wisconsin, married Hermann Hedder, an immigrant Chicago wood and coal merchant.

McMillan, Richard Sr.    Obituary: Richard McMillan dies; known for his philanthropy
Dick’s obituary ran in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Monday, June 19, 1995.

Miller, Fred    Frederick George Miller, 95
Frederick George Miller, age 95, a lifetime resident of Kendallville, died Wednesday, May 30, 2018, at his residence near Kendallville.

Mueller, Carl    Obituary: Carl Diass Mueller: Casualty of War
Carl Mueller’s obituary notice ran in the LaGrange Citizen on June 7, 1945.

Mueller, Ernst and Helen (Opa and Oma)    The Muellers of Freedom Township
A brief biography of the Mueller family (Oma and Opa, Freedom Township )

Mueller, Gerald    Obituary: Gerald Mueller
Gerald was a great-great-grandson of Fritz Mueller, great-grandson of Erich E.A. Mueller.

Mueller, Gerhard    Gerhard Wilhelm Mueller: Boo-Boo
Gerhard was the most reclusive and enigmatic of Ernst and Helen’s children.

Mueller, Gerhard    Obituary: Rev. Mueller Services to be Held Thursday
The obituary ran in the Becker County Record on Thursday, September 10, 1970, page 5.

Mueller, Kurt    Kurt Walther Johannes Mueller: Sarge
Because of his pharmacy training and fluent German, he served in the Medical Corps during WWII

Mueller, Milton    Obituary: Milton Mueller
Milton was owner/operator/partner of a vegetable farm and greenhouse operation in Missouri from 1948 to 1972.

Mueller, Rev. Ernst    Obituary: The Rev. E.H.C. Mueller
The obituary appeared on page 324 of The Lutheran Witness for October 5, 1948. A German version followed in October’s Der Lutheraner.

Mueller/Knief, Dora Elizabeth (Dodo)    Dodo Knief: Columnist, woman of mystery
Dodo Knief seems to have been a free spirit whose relationships with certain of her siblings were not always close.

Mueller/Nickel, Adelheid    Obituary: Adelheid Erica Amanda Mueller Nickel
This brief biography, written by son Mark, was read at Adelheid’s memorial service in Calvary Lutheran Church, Stayton, Oregon.

Mueller/Oren, Charlotte    Obituary: Charlotte Oren
The Mankato Free Press carries Charlotte’s obituary in the Valley Section of the Thursday, January 25, 2007, edition.

Nelson, Kenneth    Obituary: Ken Nelson
Olga Koetke’s second husband, Ken became close to a large multigenerational family.

Nickel, Albert F.    Albert Friedrich Nickel: Machinist and Socialist
Al Nickel arrived in Milwaukee as an immigrant toddler just shy of his second birthday, the last of the German-born Nickels.

Nickel, Hilbert C.    Obituary: H.C. Nickel, stock seller, teacher, dies
The Chicago Tribune’s obituary for H.C. Nickel ran on Wednesday, October 19, 1966.

Pautsch, Lorraine    Obituary: Lorraine Pautsch (1920–2014)
Lorraine and Kurt Mueller were married in 1949. The obituary ran in the Mankato Free Press May 16, 2014.

Rehnlund/King, Marnie    Obituary: Margret Julena Rehnlund
Marnie — mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother — died August 21, 2014, aged 94. Her son-in-law Timothy prepared this obituary.

Schumm, Adelheid    Adelheid Schumm, entrepreneur
Among the cousins, Adelheid Schumm was something of a legend. Her millinery shop in LaPorte, Indiana, was well worth the drive.

Zäske, Ulricka    Ulricka Zäske: Iron Woman
Ulricka was a woman of legendary dominance and iron will.